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The Hereafter Invader by thelivingmachine02
The Hereafter Invader
during a fight with an Invader already on Earth, Venus detects an anomaly and warns of another wormhole is opening at the exact same place. with only seconds to spare, Limitless subdues the first Invader, but exhausted from his fight and losing power in his limited suit, he sits in despair as the wormhole opens above and the next Invader touches down. with a mighty roar, the Invader approaches Limitless. but then, a thundering blow to the Invader's head sends the goliath falling down, killing it instantly. Limitless, in awe and shock, looks up and spots his savior, a man in the experimental suit. 
The Barbaric Invader by thelivingmachine02
The Barbaric Invader
for the short time she is on Earth, Belannshya agrees to take Celeste under her wing and teach her to become more self-reliant and confident, despite Graham's concerns of letting the Lieutenant run rampant
The Venomous Invader by thelivingmachine02
The Venomous Invader
"My, my, my... I'd recognize that scowl anywhere. Aalmalthrae, I thought you were dead."


"But as I can see, you certainly wish you were. Clearly you have overstayed your time in the Kosmos, but i do admit... seeing you like-- this-- truly is the highlight of my lifespan."

"Nythzetsche... it never is a please to see you."

"Oh, stop, Dear... You're making me blush."

(wasn't too happy with how her bottom-half came out, so i left it unfinished)
The Majestic Invader by thelivingmachine02
The Majestic Invader
after letting his guard down, Graham falls under Oeppidyeus's control, leaving Venus, Celeste, and Leti having to work together to stop the Invader and her army of followers
i had a few nights off of work, so i continued with my ideas for aliens for Project Limitless, and after staying up all night, i drew half a dozen aliens. then on another night, about another half-dozen. then another and another.

since i made so much and February was coming up, i've decided to upload one Invader a day for that month.

much like this guy The First Of Many by thelivingmachine02 , some of the Invaders won't have names right away. others will have names and codenames and some notes on their abilities and behaviors. any kind of criticism for the Invaders' appearance, codenames, and/or notes will be greatly appreciated.

suggestions for Invaders that don't have codenames and/or abilities is also appreciated.


United States
Current Residence: Cali
Favourite genre of music: about anything
Favourite style of art: Surrealism, Pop Art, Realism
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
Favourite cartoon character: Spider-Man (he's in cartoons too)

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