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At the Bus Stop by thelivingmachine02
At the Bus Stop
Mrs. Yvonne is Penelope's next door neighbor. on the very rare occasion that Valencia can't babysit, the old goblin widow takes care of Penelope and treats her as family. ever since Mrs. Yvonne's five sons have left home to pursue their own careers and start their own families, she's been living alone. she often cooks a lot of food forgetting that she is now by herself and shares it with her neighbors, knowing that Penelope's father can't really cook.

this was also a practice with backgrounds since i realize i am incredibly bad at drawing them. perspective is a little shoddy, but overall i think it came out passable.
We're... Under Arrest? by thelivingmachine02
We're... Under Arrest?
i imagine these two constantly get captured by the authorities of their home planet or which ever planet they happen to wrong, but always laugh at their captors' faces and escape almost immediately. 

i wanted a reason to draw :iconric-m: 's cute alien partners-in-crime because i love their design and their backstory, so consider this an early birthday gift for him.

can't wait to see more of them in the future.
Quality Bonding Time by thelivingmachine02
Quality Bonding Time
after Graham brings Princess Wyn to the fortress, Leti is the first to talk with her and the two begin to open up to each other. the young princess reminds Leti of her and Mari when they were little and just how distant they've become. wanting to a chance to be a big sister again, Leti asks Wyn if she would like to play outside for a while, at least until the team finds a way to send the princess back to her world. being an only child and not allowed to ever leave her castle, Wyn immediately accepts Leti's offer and the two spend the rest of the day together having fun.
Pivotal Invaders by thelivingmachine02
Pivotal Invaders
a quick profile sketch of the Invaders (excluding Future Limitless and Gretchen) that come back or stay a while longer after their initial encounter with Team Limitless. 

Ciesalynne (top left), Nythzetsche (top right), Aiyanna (bottom left), Mr. Ecaftraf (bottom right)
The Ethereal Invader by thelivingmachine02
The Ethereal Invader
after getting seriously injured by the Invader, Graham is trapped inside the now drained Limitless suit. with the Invader already having absorbed the power from the city and Venus's fortress, and Graham clinging to life without the suit's life support to heal him, the rest of the team are timed to find a way to beat the Invader and save Graham without the help of Venus's technology.
now that the Invasions have died down, i want to know which Invaders you guys liked the best.

leave in the comments which one is the one you would like to see more of. whether it be it's name, abilities, appearance, and/or it's encounter synopsis, i want to know what you like about it, too. any kind of feedback is appreciated.

i'll also draw up some kind of reference sheets or just a more detail drawing of your favorite Invaders. 

thanks for bearing with me this past month and i really enjoying reading all the comments you guys left on the sketches.


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